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Medifast Diet 10% back

Medifast is a highly effective meal replacement diet, which has been satisfying customers for over 25 years. Medifast has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians and has been clinically proven at Johns Hopkins.

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Puritan's Pride 5% - 6% back

From the convenience of their own homes, shoppers enjoyed and still enjoy huge savings by buying direct from the manufacturer. Puritan's Pride remains true to its original commitment of providing the best for less. Thanks to the trust and continued loyalty of our over six million customers, Puritan's Pride is the #1 way to shop at home for vitamins.

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Purity Products 6% / $6.00 back

Purity Products is devoted to providing the highest quality nutritional formulas in accordance with the latest research in nutritional science. We never compromise on quality when it comes to manufacturing the finest nutritional formulas, which are designed by many of the world's leading authorities on health and nutrition.

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Quality Health $.60 back

When you join the QH community you have significant influence on the manufacturers of your most trusted brands. In appreciation for your participation, you will be rewarded with free samples, valuable coupons and promotional offers from these high quality manufacturers. Join Quality Health where you can receive free coupons, discounts, and special offers from leading brand name pharmaceutical and packaged goods companies.


Relax The Back 2.5% - 4% back

Need a quality Massage Recliner or Tempur-Pedic Mattress Think comfort. Think Relax The Back. For improved circulation and reduced stress on your heart, consider the benefits of a fully reclined Zero Gravity Recliner or Ergonomic office chair.

Shop Relax The Back

Verseo.com 9% back

Verseo is the leading direct marketer of hair growth, hair loss, electrolysis, beauty and wellness items. Our company has been in business for more than 10 years, and is located on Madison Avenue in New York. Our products are well-known around the world and extensively marketed via infomercials, print, and home shopping channels.


Vitamin Shoppe 4% back

We are a one-stop resource for name brand vitamins, supplements, herbs, teas, sports nutrition products, books, personal care products and more. We offer over 25,000 items from more than 400 brand names including our own Vitamin Shoppe brand.

Shop Weight Management Products

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